Effective Communication Skills for Hostile Resources Projects – Skuteczne umiejętności komunikacyjne w projektach dotyczących zasobów wrogich

Effective Communication Skills for Hostile Resources Projects

1-Day Workshop: A blueprint for diffusing conflict & difficult situations on resource development projects. A unique workshop has been designed specifically to provide those working on resources project front-lines with valuable knowledge, skills & confidence to guide them through difficult situations, dialogues, conflicting beliefs, attitudes, aggression & other strong behaviours they encounter.

Key Learning Objectives

Behavioural awareness and Emotional Intelligence (EI)
Understand how values and beliefs influence peoples’ behaviour
Learn how your awareness of these influences can improve your ability to communicate effectively
Improve your self-knowledge, empathy and rapport through EI
Utilise your awareness of your own values, beliefs and behaviours when approaching challenging situations
How do I best handle this situation?
How to I best handle myself in this situation?
How do I best respect the other person/s?
Communication skills
Observe the role our thinking, body language and tone play in dealing with conflict
Practise the skills of listening and empathy
Understand the pros and cons of different stakeholder methodologies
Appreciate what behaviour is/isn’t acceptable and how to address each
Conflict dissolution
Understand the nature of conflict and reaching a positive outcome
Become comfortable in dealing with opposing views
Develop strategies to manage your emotions and actions
Apply theories and ideas to actual situations – and adapt to suit
Use conflict to develop a stronger respect for others’ strengths
Increase team cohesion – use conflict to develop stronger respect

About the Workshop

Managing interpersonal issues, conflict, difficult situations, anger, frustration, demotivation and awkward dialogues are so much more than developing a plan of action. We need to understand the dynamics behind why all of this is occurring. This is where the importance of psychology and behavioural awareness comes into play but sadly, people can often go through whole careers without realising how understanding human behaviour can help them significantly with performance and job satisfaction.

Why do people behave the way they do?
Why do I behave the way I do?

This course provides frontline workers with a way of improving their self-knowledge by understanding and appreciating all of this important psychology, coupled with tools and techniques to communicate with assertiveness and confidence in the future.

We will take a unique look at the behavioural factors behind the practice of conflict management, and our emotional response to conflict, difficult behaviour and tension. Understanding ourselves and others enables us to be in a more positive framework in order to manage these situations more effectively.

We will develop ideas and understandings around our beliefs, emotional intelligence and the ways in which tension and conflict may be defused and managed. Numerous practise role plays will reinforce these ideas for each participant.

The program will identify situational experiences on development projects and how to apply the behavioural awareness and communication skills to determine how to approach each stakeholder situation.

Throughout the workshop participants will be encouraged to introduce their specific issues and challenges on projects, to help frame the learning and discussions.

Who will benefit

This will benefit all those people working on the front line of projects who interact with stakeholders. These include engineers, operators from developers, contractors, consultants and government. In particular, project and infrastructure developers in the coal seam gas and oil and gas industries, who have been faced with many stakeholder challenges in recent months.


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