Enhancing Your Presentation Capability and Skills Workshop – Zwiększanie umiejętności prezentacji i warsztatów umiejętności

Enhancing Your Presentation Capability and Skills Workshop

1-Day Training Course: A practical, interactive and immersive workshop from presentation planning to delivery.

Perth | 27 February 2020
Sydney | 9 September 2020
Brisbane | 24 August 2020
Melbourne | 28 October 2020
Key Learning Objectives

Create and deliver compelling presentations which engage and influence
Get your message across with clarity, confidence and credibility
Use visuals that add impact and don’t detract from your delivery
Handle questions and objections effectively
Enhance your career profile through capabilities in speaking and presenting

About the Course

From planning a presentation to delivery, this program will take the form of a workshop that is practical, interactive and immersive in a “safe” environment. It is ideal for those who are presenting to management, direct-reports, peers, clients and suppliers and who wish to improve their capacity to engage and influence through their speaking skills. There will be opportunities for peer and facilitator review, self-evaluation and a practice field for application and integration of the skills and processes.

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